Amsterdam's Sole Omakase Dining Location









Dedicated Edomae sushi in Amsterdam-East prepared by a foreign University student?

Every dinner has a story behind it, ours is particularly unlikely, daring, and unique.


Culinary Approach

Source, prep, and age...

Bringing out the essence of the ingredients is our foremost priority and philosophy.

What course to serve, when to serve it, and how to serve it - the approach is the product, in and of itself. 






Beyond fooD

Taste chords, ingredients, and seasonality - but what does it all mean? What does it all do?

We aim to challenge the communicative capacities of food and the extent to which our dining experience can enrich our guests.

Omakase お任せ

In the context of a restaurant, an omakase dinner implies unrestricted creativity on the chef's behalf whereby all courses are served according to personal discretion. With specificity to Ephemeral, this translates to 5-7 Tsumami (amuse bouche), 10-12 nigiri sushi, and 1-3 dessert courses. Because of the liberal nature of omakase, the selection of the ingredients, the techniques applied, and the sequence of the dinner all reflect the beliefs and philosophy of the chef.

With 6 diners per night, Emphemeral's omakase is one of the most exclusive and personal dining experiences in Amsterdam. The interactive nature of the dinner means that closer care and attention can be placed on the food and the diners as the chef stands a mere metre afar all dinner.  

- Some pictures from a 23 course Omakase in March 2016

Credits: Puck's Productions